We prioritise cooperation with serious actors who support our company´s values and strategies

Norena Presenning AS

Supplier of ready-made fabrics, a well-established Norwegian company that has a high level
of expertise in complex clothing. Development partner for technical solutions and
customizing the tent prototype.

Halogen AS

Consulting partner in development process


One of the world’s leading company in production of technical textiles. Expertise in PVC
fabric, production methodology and technology transfer. A company with significant expertise
in development, production and use of various plastic materials (PVC) for demanding climatic
and operational conditions. Supplier of Vardalife PVC-sheet and is involved in the
development of a new type of material to meet new requirement

Lena Metall AS

Lena Metall is av part of Raufoss that manufacturer of aluminium profiles. Development
partner for frame and fix locker solutions for the tent prototype.

CSI Norway

A part owner of Vardalife, and Norway´s leading supplier of camp equipment for military use.
Cooperating partner for development and strategy.


Logistics partner

Tekstil Teknikk

Development and manufacturing partner for ballistic protection

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