Vardalife was founded by engineer Roar Godager Eide. The founder has worked closely with the Norwegian armed forces for over 40 years.

Several products have been developed over the period of collaboration, and the Vardalife founder has been involved in every step of the product development, from concept to field implementation.

Development of the first modular and bulletproof facility solution

Among the products Godager Eide has developed is NM240 which is Nordic standard for tent systems and used for military training and missions, under challenging weather conditions and at risk of enemy attacks. Based on the founders knowledge and the strong lack of available products on the market, he has further developed and patented this product to a novel module-based tent with optional integrated balistic protection and the possibility to connect to container.

There is a need for long-term solutions for temporary camps and installations «out-of-area» for armed forced and non-governmental organizations(NGOs) globally. The module-based solution is developed to increase flexibility when all from small to larger bases are established. The solution is also indended for more unique applications like for ground-based aircrafts.

The novel solution is a response to the challenge that was not solved in the EU-project EUCLID RTP 3.24 – New structures and materials for military camps out-of-area. In the project a solution was presented based on aluminium-panels that could be filled with local mass. For some reason this solution was never commercialised, most likely due to cost issues.

The Vardalife solution is based on a light, strong and cost-effective material that is filled with local mass, as well as the possibility to integrate this with both container and tent frame.

Scientific experiments has demonstrated solid ballistic properties when testing with projectiles and some types of explosions.

The Vardalife solutions will provide significant cost-efficiency for customers, in addition to environmental considerations and for government authorities. The system is transport-efficient, fully reusable and will ensure that personnel in unsecure areas can feel safe.

Vardalife holds two patents

Container protection

Patent number 330979

Patent approved in 2012

European market

Managed by Zacco Norway

After receiving patent, the product has been further developed the material has been replaced by a more sustainable, lighter and cost-effective version.

Modul-based tent with optional integrated ballistic solution and the possiblity to connect to container

Patent number 344783

Patent approved 2020

Austrian, British, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian market

Managed by Zacco Norway

Patent includes parts of the first patent

Standardised innovation

The products has been developed and tested in close cooperation with the Norwegian armed forces, FFI and Forsvarsbygg in the innovation period securing the optimisation of the product.

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