Container protection

Container protection covers most protection needs for all types of containers.  This product is delivered as a standard for 20-foot containers but can easily be connected to 10-20-30-40- foot containers.

Unique qualities

Vardalife´s three products have unique qualities. They can be used independently or assembled into protection systems that meet most needs.


Few components

The product consists of a single fully-covering sheet in polypropylene that can easily be laid over the container and filled with local mass, such as gravel or sand.


Standardised innovation

Container protection was developed and tested in close cooperation with the Norwegian military, FFI and Forsvarsbygg in the innovation period for the optimisation of the product.


Test results

Test of 30-centimeter wall: No perforations with shot of up to 12.7 calibre ball, no perforation at hit of 81 mm BK grenades from 0-2 meters distance.


Cost effective

This product is delivered flat-packed and is therefore optimised for transport. The components are solid, low-cost and can be delivered with UV-protecting cover.

Unlimited possibilities

Vardalife´s flexible solutions are made of light, sustainable and solid materials that give great logistic and cost advantages.

Our other products

Vardalife products are without exception flexible and provide protection in unsafe surroundings. Vardalife´s vision is to create “peace of mind” in unsafe areas, in places such as military camps, refugee camps, and around vital infrastructure.  Our products are made of light, sustainable and solid materials that provide great logistic and cost advantages.

Module-based tent

This module-based tent is truly unique and is the very first on the world market with these abilities.

Freestanding wall

This product is covered by the same patent as container protection and was created as a biproduct of the container protection product in 2015.