Vardalife is a company that creates innovative solutions designed to meet the customer´s needs. It was established and is still run by a family that has long and solid roots in the deliverance of quality products to the Norwegian military.

People in Vardalife

Vardalife is staffed by people who have broad and solid experience in their fields of expertise.


Roar Godager Eide

Vardalife was founded by Roar Godager Eide. Roar is an automotive engineer trained in the Volvo system, but over the last 40 years he has worked closely with the Norwegian military and developed many products.  Godager has been involved in every step of product development, from concept to implementation in the field.

I´ve lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with four bodyguards at the door, and tried to sleep peacefully in that environment. That puts a lot of pressure on one´s nerves.  Any degree of protection that can create safety in those situations will help provide psychological relief for personnel in those areas.

Eirik Kråkstad in The Norwegian Army to Forsvarsforum


Henrik U. Godager Berge

Henrik U. Godager Berge is one of three sons of Roar Godager Eide and has the administrative responsibility at Vardalife. In addition, he is involved in development, testing, sales and marketing of products for the company. He has many years of experience with sales and marketing in a variety of sectors.

This remarkably simple patent will give personnel and material in the field a level of protection against hand weapons that they have never had before.

Eirik Kråkstad in The Norwegian Army to Forsvarsforum

Cooperating partners

We prioritise cooperation with serious actors who support our company´s values and strategies.

Camp Supply International AS

A part owner of Vardalife, and Norway´s leading deliverer of camp equipment for military use.

Los & Co Gruppen AS

One of Norway´s largest marketing agencies.  LOS contributes with brand building, marketing and creating sales materials that give companies the strongest possible advantages, especially when they are in competition with large actors.

Sattler AG

One of the worlds leading company in production of technical textiles.

Unlimited possibilities

The flexible solutions offered by Vardalife are made of light, sustainable and solid materials that provide great logistic and cost advantages.